Acknowledgments »

This report has been edited by Sara Hossain, and the introduction prepared by Dina M. Siddiqi, based on the contributions by the team of authors named below. Special thanks are due to Hameeda Hossain for her comments on the introduction and contribution to the total design and lay out of the volume.
Specifically ASK wishes to thank the following for their input to this Report: Hana Shams Ahmed (migrants), ATM Morshed Alam (life, association and assembly, fair trial), Abdullah Al Faruque (liberty), John Asit Das (prisoners), Shah Alam Faruk (workers), Mozammel Haque (disability rights), Hameeda Hossain (shelter), Millat Hossain (education; health), Sara Hossain (legislative and judicial developments), Annu Jalais (linguistic minorities), Khushi Kabir (food), Mizanur Rahman Khan (institutional developments), Naeem Mohaiemen (religious minorities), Shah Afroditi Panna (women), Faustina Pereira (women), Rezanur Rahman (food), Shohana Shabnam (children), Md. Shahiduzzaman (freedom from torture, expression), Tanim Hossain Shawon (fair trial), Dina M. Siddiqi (introduction; sexual minorities), and Sontosh Tripura (indigenous people’s rights).
In addition, ASK would like to thank ATM Morshed Alam for his dedicated efforts in ensuring coordination of all contributions, research input and timely and efficient production of this volume, and Shah Afroditi Panna and Lubana Rashid of ASK for their research assistance.

We acknowledge the contribution of ASK’s Investigation Unit for its investigative reports, the Advocacy Unit for information on court developments, the Documentation Unit for data compiled from news reports and the Media and International Advocacy Unit for providing copies of press releases and statements issued by ASK.
We also acknowledge the contribution of many other individuals and institutions, including Soma Islam, Deputy Director of the Bangladesh Legal Aid and Services Trust (BLAST) for information on public interest litigation; the Bangladesh Occupational Safety and Environment Health Foundation (OSHE) for reports and documents on worker’s health and safety; Deloer Hossain of Save the Children UK, Save the Children Sweden Denmark and the Bangladesh Shishu Adhikar Forum (BSAF) for information on children’s rights; and Shirin Sultana Lira of the Association for Law Reform and Development (ALRD) and Advocate Protikar Chakma, for information on legal developments relating to indigenous peoples. Special thanks to Najrana Imaan, Sanian Rahman and Sanjana Sadique, barristers, for their research assistance in reviewing legal and judicial developments, and finally to Meher Nigar for providing copies of judgment and statutes.

We are grateful to all the newspapers upon whose courageous reporting we have relied in preparing this report.
Finally, we wish to thank Manan Morshed for the cover design, Anil Chandra Mandal for the make up and layout, Mosharaf Hossain and Mohsin Ali for typing assistance, and Shahitya Prokash for printing this volume.

Sultana Kamal
Executive Director