Businessman Beaten Up by MP Shawkat for Not Allowing Him to Overtake on the Road: Strong Condemnation of ASK

On the occasion of the golden jubilee of independence, a football match was organized by Upazila Chhatra League which was held at Patharghata Sheikh Russell Stadium in Barguna on Wednesday (22 September 2021) afternoon. MP Shawkat Hachanur Rahman was the chief guest in that program. While the MP and his companions were entering the field with a convoy of motorcycles before the commencement of the game, the men asked a microbus carrying the players to allow them to overtake. However, MP Shawkat got furious as the microbus could not allow the MP’s motorcycle convoy to go ahead. Later, he got on the guest stage and called Nazrul Islam, the organizing secretary of Patharghata BFDC Fishery Wholesalers Association and former president of Patharghata Municipality Ward-8 Chhatra League and beat him up. At one point of beating, Nazrul was asked to apologise holding the MP’s feet. Awami League leaders and activists including Patharghata Municipality Mayor Anwar Hossain Akon, Upazila Awami League President Alamgir Hossain, BFDC Fisheries Storekeeper Association President Jahangir Jamaddar were present at the time of the incident.
Such kind of indecent behavior is totally unacceptable from Shawkat Hachanur Rahman being a public representative and a lawmaker. In this regard, Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) strongly condemns the actions of MP Shawkat Hachanur Rahman. ASK thinks that such behavior is extremely degrading to humanity, which is also contrary to the fundamental right to protection in respect of trial and punishment enshrined in Article 35 (5) of the Constitution.

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