ASK Calls for Judicial Probe into Jasmine’s Death in RAB Custody

On 09 March 2023, the Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) held a press conference demanding a judicial inquiry and justice in the death of Sultana Jasmine, while in the custody of the Rapid Action Battalion in Rajshahi on 24 March.

In the press conference, ASK urged the government to undertake the following steps:

1. establish a judicial commission of investigation to identify those responsible for Sultana Jasmine’s death,

2. investigate why her son, Shahed Hussain Saikat, was transferred from Rajshahi Medical College Hospital to Rajshahi RAB Camp immediately after Sultana Jasmine’s death and which ranking officers conveyed what kind of message to him,

3. ensure the safety and security of Sultana Jasmine’s only child, Shahed Hossain Saikat, and other family members, and investigate allegations that the RAB pressured them after Sultana Jasmine’s death in the name of communication, and

4. provide proper reparation to Sultana Jasmine’s family in the event of her death while in RAB custody.


Press Conference Write up

Press Conference write up