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Political Clashes and Hartals

Between January and March ASK Documentation recorded 216 Incidents were 284 people were killed and 9524 people injured. Political Clashes and Hartals   Political Violence from February to March

Mob Beatings | January – March 2013

ASK Documentation Unit recorded 34 Mob beatings in total from the period between January to March 2013. Mob Beatings News Stories 21 April 2013 | Jhenaidah | Thief Killed in Jhenaidah…

Journalist Harassment

Statistics of Threats, Harassment and murder of Journalists between January to March 2013. Journalist Harassment

Deaths in Jail Custody

Number of deaths in Custody between January and March 2013 as reported in the newspapers. Death in Jail Custody in Different Division 2013

Government Ban on Rallies

20 May 2013 Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) strongly criticises the announcement made by the Home Minister on prohibition of all kinds of political activities for the next one month in…

13 May 2013 | Search for Bodies in Saavar Over | Rana Plaza

13 May 2013 | Search for Bodies of Saavar Victims Called off at Rana Plaza Site Announcement by Saavar Administration at the Adhar Chandra High School  playground where families have…