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 Video Source: Local Journalist


According to Mrs Lila, Hashem Ali had taken a loan of 20,000 BDT from her at the UP Election in May 2011.

•  A year later Mrs Lila indicated she wanted the money returned.
•  Hashem Ali and some young people started to disturb her.
•  Mrs Lila’s husband expressed Lila’s distress to the perpetrators.

13 June 2012 : Day of Incident

10 am four relatives came to visit Lila’s house (2 men and 2 women).
Hashem Ali and 7-8 youths came to Lila’s house and accused them of committing illegal activities in her home.
They asked for a payment of 50,000 BDT or they threatened to accuse her of a rape case.

When Lila denied payment, the youths forced Lila and her relatives out of her house and tied her to a tree. Her hair was cut, she was beaten several times, including with a shoe, engine oil was poured over her
head, face and body. 

Her relatives were also being beaten at the same time.

After Lila was beaten senseless, the men washed her body to the UP complex where they took her finger print for a bond. Lila's hair was cut by various men while she was tied to a tree in public : See Video Evidence

Lila’s husband, Md X had been informed of her location. When he went there, he was also beaten.

Probe Committee : Three member committee, led by additional SP Mohammad Mahububur Rashid

This case is under observation by the ASK Investigation Unit.

September 10, 2012