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29 May 2012   15 year old girl dragged in to Police club by law enforcers and sexually assaulted.

Location   Dhaka Chief Metropolitan Magistrate’s Court

Farzana Jannat and her parents were attending court to file a case against her husband for physical abuse and dowry demands.  When they were leaving the court by the main gate a man on civil dress stopped their motorcycle and introduced himself as the sub-inspector. He and others police who were doing their duties in front of the police club, came forward and accused her father’s motorcycle of being stolen property.  Police beat her father Faruq  and dragged him inside of the police club. At that time the girl Farzana tried to save her father but two member of the team dragged her like her father and locked her in a separate room of the club and then sexually abused her.

 At the other side when Farzana’s mother, Reba, shouted to save her husband and daughter outside the club, police started to torture her. One lawyer, one Intern (Law student) and three journalist came forward to protest this incident but police started to attack them and beat them.

 In the afternoon around five thirty, two senior members of ASK Investigation Unit came to know about the incident from the journalist and also came to know that “police had kidnapped the victims”. All of a sudden they tried to obtain real facts and came to know that police had kept the victims at Kotwali police station. A senior ASK member of the investigation unit informed Executive Director of ASK, Advocate Sultana Kamal about the news.

Two representatives from ASK went to the police station and they saw police kept Faruq inside the jail. Farzana, Reba and two lawyers were kept in two separate rooms. Around six in the evening Sultana Kamal immediately went to the police station. At last police freed the victims to Sultana Kamal around 10pm.

  Case Filed

Case No: 25 Section 341,342,323,389 penal code and section 10 of Nari o Shishu Nirjaton Damon Ain (amended), 2003

Filed by:  Mother of Farzana filed a case with the assistance of ASK.

She  tried to file a case with the Kotowali Police Station after the harassment  and  torture they had faced at the police club. Even after the High Court ruling and so much media focus, the duty officer had made her wait for six long hours before taking the case. A team of Ain O Salish Kendra (ASK) lawyers were accompanying her.

  Policemen Involved

    Two Sub Inspectors from Kotwali Police station – SI Zaman and SI Jahangir,  Officer in Charge  Salahuddin Khan

Additional Victims of Police Harassment

-           Three Journalists beaten by police and two Legal professionals.

Prashanta Karmakar – Prothom Alo Court Correspondent

M A Jalil – Kaler Kanth Court Correspondent

Tuhin Howlader – Bangladesh protidin Court Correspendance

Shakhawat Hossain Taslim(Lawyer)  and Rajib alias Raju (Intern)

Probe Committee

-          Deputy Commissioner of Dhaka Metropolitan Police Lalbagh division Harun-ur-Rashid

-          Assistant Deputy Commissioner - Maruf Hossain

-          AC Kotwali Zone - Rajib Al Massud

ASK Investigators

Anirban Saha, Topote Bhatacharjee, Md.Khorshed Alam.

Follow up with ASK Litigation Unit

Press Coverage of Story

Daily Star Story


Priyo Internet News


September 11, 2012