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27 July 2011        Six people, branded by the police as robbers, were beaten to death by a mob in Rahimar Tek area at Charkakrha union of the upazila.

                          One of them was Shamsuddin Milon.

                          Man beaten to death by mob in the presence of Police.

                          Mobile phone footage captures people hitting Milon with sticks, kicking his head to the ground after dragging him down from a police van.

                          Later, the footage shows the police dragging his body in to their van.

Location           Companyganj, Tekerhat in Noakhali

Police Involved

Sub-inspector Mohammad Akram Sheikh

Constable Abdur Rahim

Constable Hema Ranjan Chakma

These three officers had been suspended on 7 August 2011

Probe Committee

Three member committee, led by additional SP Mohammad Mahububur Rashid


3 Aug 2011     Kohinur Begum, Milon’s mother filed a case against Companyganj police officials,  local union parishad member

Jamal Uddin and Mizanur Rahman, the husband of a female UP member.  According to Shamsuddin Milon’s mother :

Milon was going to Basurhat with Tk 14,000 for land registration.

Milon was waiting for his cousin at Charkakrha where Jamal and Mizan along with others

allegedly beat him up and later handed him over to the police with critical injuries.


Milon later succumbed to his injuries. The police officials finally took his body to the police

station and left the body with the bodies of the suspected robbers, his mother said.


His body was buried by the police.


Court Hearings

Details to be Posted Soon

September 11, 2012