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Latest Update: 30 September, legal representation Advocate Delawar Hossain applied for a bail,

Magistrates announced hearing will be on 4th October 2012

ASK are Investigating why a mother and daughter were taken to police custody with no court order and subject to abuse for 9 days.

Three urgent appeals have been sent to the Home Ministry, Home Secretary and IG Police after the ordeal had been published in the newspapers on 25th September 2012, Manobjomeen.

Legal assistance is being arranged and offered for the family.

Location          Beradanga village in sadar upazila in Rajbari district

Date                8 September 2012

Victims            Aleya Begum   (mother) Widowed Houswife

                         Daughter, 22 yrs old, degree student at Abdul Hossain University College in Rajabari

Summary of Events

8 September 2012

Mother and daughter were arrested by police at a raid in their house around 11pm, they were taken to Khoksa Police station, Kushtia.

10 September 2012

According to Aleya Begum :

Police had taken Aleya and her daughter to Kushtia Detective Branch (DB) station the next day, they were confined in a room and tortured repeatedly for six days    .

They were subject to electric shocks.

Aleya mentions on one particular incident:

 ‘’ one police name Masud (ASI of DB) took away my daughter from me for interrogation and returned to me after 3 to 5 hours’’

She said when her daughter returned her clothes were torn and she looked ‘’devastated’’.

 “After returning from police, my daughter repeatedly wanted to ‘suicide’ saying that my all things have finished’’.

15 September 2012

Aleya and her daughter were presented at Kushtia Chief Judicial Magistrates Court by Kumarkhali Police. The court sent them to jail

18 September 2012

Mother and daughter are granted bail from Kushtia Chief Judicial Magistrates Court.

25 September 2012

Aleya Begum’s account of 9 day torture in police custody is  published in newspaper quoting Aleya Begum.

26 September 2012

Aleya Begum attended court hearing for arrest on the 15th September. Police accuse mother and daughter for being linked to a recent murder case in their locality.

Aleya Begum and her daughter are arrested and sent to jail.


A girl, who was also arrested and tortured  in a separate case in Khoksa police station, said that she saw Aleya and her daughter in Khoksa police station and that they were taken to Kushtia Detective Branch while she was under arrest.

Police are denying the period where Aleya Begum and her daughter were taken from their house and detained.

September 27, 2012