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Two Students Abducted by Rapid Action Batallion

Victims   Al Muqaddus, Fourth Year Student Al Fiqh Department

                Mohammad Waliullah, Masters Student of Dawah, Islamic Studies

Date        4 February 2012

Time of incident : 12.15 – 12.30

Both students left Dhaka by bus at 11.30pm leaving for Kushtia. Staff supervisor, Muhammad Shumon, who was on board the Hanif Enterprise Coach told ASK Investigators  that the coach had been stopped at the mentioned time, there were a group of 8-10 men, a few of them in RAB uniform. They forced the two young men with seat number C1 and C2  to depart the bus and took them away in a white microbus.

4 February 2012,  Morning

Al Muqqadus’s uncle, Abdul Hai, was with his nephew that same morning. He found out from Al Muqqadus’s sister that he did not arrive home or show up at university.

Abdul Hai, filed a General Diary (GD) complaint at Paltan Thana (station) in Mirpur.

He went to the Hanif Enterprise office where he was issued a photo copy of the ticket.

Ticket details confirmed that the seats were C1 and C2 and that they were issued in Waliullah’s name. The Bus number was B143750, Coach No.14. This information was provided by Mr Pannu from Hanif Transport.

Abdul Hai, filed another GD at Darussalam Thana, Mirpur.

7 February 2012

Abdul Hai went to see RAB 4 and RAB in Savar, close to the area where the abduction occurred. In both meetings they denied any involvement.

Abdul Hai filed a third GD in Ashulia Thana.

When speaking to Walid’s brother, Saifullah Walid, he said that his brother had no previous criminal record, if he has done anything wrong he should be tried through the system.

RAB: Stop Terrorism or Terrorism by the State (Bangla)

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November 8, 2012