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ASK Investigation Report | Orphan Abducted for 24 Hours By Law Enforcement Officers



During the last few months, the teachers, staff students have started the Sir Solimullah Muslim Orphanage Corruption Defense Committee against the corruption. The management have been involved in a contract with a developer in constructing a high rise building on orphanage land. Documents suggest that there is third party profit being made on behalf of the management.

Md. Harun-ar-Rashid was playing a vital role in the movement against the corruption of the managing committee.

Based on information from an authentic source, Ain O Salish Kendra  investigation team have been probing in to this issue further.

Name       Md Harun ar Rashid , Student of Sir Solimullah Muslim Orphanage

Date of Abduction       12th December 2012  9.30pm.

According to Eye Witnesses

3/4 simple clothed unknown persons entered the boys unit of the orphanage claiming to be going to the  ‘’Igloo Ice cream company'’.which shares the same entrance as the orphanage.

Those unknown persons abducted Harun in the middle of the field when Harun was walking back from his dinner.

He was escorted out of the orphanage and then they proceeded out on to Dhakeshori Road.

Eyewitnesses followed them. After reaching the front of the BUET University’s Azad staff quarters, Harun was taken into a Blue Vehicle.

The Eyewitnesses had clearly seen ‘’Police'’ lettering on the backside of the vehicle.

Action Taken

When Harun-ar-Roshid had disappeared on the night of the 12th December, a student from the  orphanage had immediately informed the ASK Investigation Unit and officially reported this case.

The student was advised to lodge a general diary complaint by the orphange to the respective police station. An ASK Investigation team were immediately assigned to a fact finding mission.  When ASK staff contacted law enforcing agencies for further information about Harun, their access was denied.

The Investigation Unit issued urgent messages through various channels by SMS and letter to  Home Ministry and Inspector General of Police of the General Diary report, details of the abducted student and his involvement in the corruption of the orphanage and the fact his mobile phone was with him, it had been ringing but had since been switched off.

Shortly after, around 7pm, the Investigation unit had been informed that Harun was at a Detective branch office.

On the 13th of December, the Investigation team, a family member of Harun and a senior teacher of  the orphanage went to the Detective Branch Office after the investigation team were informed that Harun was under their supervision, they went to the office at around 8pm.

By 9.30pm, Harun was released by DB Officer Mian Zahid Hossain in the presence of the ASK Investigation team and the senior staff member from the orphanage.



January 2, 2013