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It has been an action packed start to the year for the Gender and Social Justice Unit.

Through January and February 2013 the Gender and Social Justice Unit’s team along with Sanaiyaa Ansari and Taufique Mannan went to the various districts to launch the respective reports in nine districts.

One of the major objectives of Gender and Social Justice Unit of ASK is to develop its partner NGO’s as Human Rights Organizations in their respective districts. Capacity building plays an important for the unit. 
The unit has assisted 10 of the partner organisations in Naogaon, Joypurhat, Gaibandha, Jhenaidah, Kustia, Pabna, Kishoreganj, Netrokona, Sirajganj and Mymensing. to publish 10 annual human rights report on the human rights situation of their own area.

These reports were launched after ASK field researchers have been working closely with local organisations gathering the information over the past year. The purpose of the reports were to compile information on the human rights situation district by district to get an accurate overview of violations and crimes covering torture and violence cases against women and children, political violence and torture . ASK helped facilitate the creation of Human Rights Forums in each district, holding two training sessions with the local Human Rights Forum and local Partner NGOs.

A Positive Journey

The first stage had been to compile the information regarding human rights situation from each district. Field workers from the unit had been collecting information from each of this ten districts and there was also a workshop to help facilitate this process, the ‘’Workshop on District Based Human Rights report writing’’  for 10 Partner and local organizations’ was held on (date) .

The workshop strengthened NGO coordination , a committee was formed, the  Manobadhikar (Human Rights) Forum  decided which issues would be selected, the way in which to prepare the reports, responsibilities of reporting and the strategies for the final presentation.

Local NGOs started to organise their own meetings, ASK has facilitated and assisted in fine tuning the process.

Main Focus of the Reports :

  • ·         Economic and civil rights of the respective area
  • ·         Economic , social and cultural rights of the respective area
  • ·         Women’s rights of the respective area
  • ·         Adivashi’s rights of the respective area
  • ·         Institutional development of the respective area

These reports will help each area to monitor the problems in the area and take the necessary measures.  They will be produced every year providing statistics, information and in turn recommendations.

Though there was no budget allocated for collecting information, compilation and report writing. The efforts and achievements were notably praiseworthy of the partner’s organizations:

  • District based local NGOs and grassroots level organizations have made a serious effort in collecting information and working on the report.Besides NGOs, Press Clubs , Local News papers Editorial forum, Community Radio , local office of National NGOs, Senior lawyers of the Bar were involved in the  process.
  • The report writing process has been running smoothly with regular follow up.
  • The enforcement of the ‘’Right To Information Act’’ had been taking place, this process  has also helped to create awareness on information collection and the right to information.


On the 18th of February, Sultana Kamal, Executive Director of Ain o Salish Kendra went to help launch the report in Naogaon, Joypurhat and Gaibanda where the reports were welcomed from various stakeholders in the local communities; including Deputy Police Commissioners’, local Mayor, Civil Surgeon, representatives from the Education , Health, agriculture sector and members of the press.

She emphasised the importance of all the stakeholders taking responsibility in fulfilling their role in addressing violations which were depriving people from their basic needs.


February 24, 2013