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ASK strongly protests and criticizes the attack on female journalist by Hefazat-a-Islam

Ain O Salish Kendra (ASK) is strongly protesting and condemning the harassment and assault upon female journalist of ETV Nadia Sharmin in the rally of Hefazat-a-Islam in Motijheel whilst carrying out her professional duty.

In the rally Hefazat-a-Islam organised on the 6th of April 2013, female journalists were attacked and assaulted for being present in the rally of men and not using the veil. This incident is unprecedented and we are strongly condemning it. Women of Bangladesh is making progress is each sector with their ability and efficiency. In this situation, such an incident is much unexpected.

We have also observed that one of the 13 point demand presented by Hefazat-a-Islam includes that the current Women Policy is anti-Islamic and should be cancelled. The current Women Policy is the outcome of a long struggle of demonstrations, still we are demanding equal rights for women in property, this should be incorporated in to the said Policy.

We maintain that, Hefazat-a-Islam is tactfully using religion to carry out its anti-women activities and propaganda which, in turn, will hold the country back to decades. This will also turn Bangladesh into a Taliban state which is not acceptable.

Bangladesh has achieved its independence through long struggle where men and women equally participated and sacrificed. Progress in realizing the rights of women is one of our achievements decades after independence. Demand and activities of Hefazat-a-Islam will hold us back from this progress.

We are urging people from all walks of life to remain united against any such activities.

April 9, 2013