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Statement in Bengali

Ain o Salish kendra (ASK) expresses its grave concern and condemns over the increasing levels of recent political clashes, violence and is calling for/requesting all concerned parties to take necessary measures for the improvement of ongoing violence.

ASK thinks that the negotiation and exchange of democratic dialogue in between the political parties is within the purview of exercising democratic rights and every citizen, community has the complete right of expression peacefully and democratically. But ASK expresses its concern over the ongoing violence occurred in the name of 13-point charter of demands on the basis of the punishment of bloggers and trial of war criminals along with the support of BNP and Jamayat Islam.

It has been observed that, on 5 May 2013 Hefajat -e-Islam cadres marched into Dhaka wielding sticks and bamboos, though they claimed that they would carry out "Dhaka Oborodh" peacefully. They attacked on various governmental, non-governmental institutions, offices, and also set fire on roadside shops and business institutions. Hefajot -e-Islam used children as shields in their demonstration, exposing them to street violence. There is no clear statement from the Government about the logic of giving permission to the HI to lay seize to Dhaka and how the reported loss of lives occurred without using weapons by Police and RAB. Besides leaving scores injured, Hefajat’s violence and vandalism has made many people destitute and severely shaken people’s sense of security. On the other hand, suspending transmission of two TV channels is also a breach of freedom of expression and press freedom.

ASK thinks that the government should discuss the grave situation relating to violence in the National Parliament immediately and make impartial investigation to deal with them more strategically and responsibly.ASK also thinks that Hefajat-e Islam’s violence and attack on individual’s and constitutional right to freedom of expression must be resisted democratically.

May 16, 2013