Abu Tawha and his Companions Missing for 9 Days: ASK’s Strong Demand to Find them and take Legal Actions against those Responsible

Popular Islamic speaker Abu Tawha Muhammad Adnan and his two companions, including his driver, have been missing for almost nine days. It has not been possible to contact any of them since they went missing. Sabikunnahar, wife of the missing Abu Tawha, has written a letter to the Prime Minister seeking her help regarding this issue. Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) expresses deep concern and strongly urges the authorities to take legal action against those involved in ensuring the immediate search for Abu Tawha and his accomplices and ensuring a proper and impartial investigation into his disappearance.

It is to be mentioned that according to the statement provided by Abu Tawha’s family, Abu Tawha along with his two companions and the driver went missing on 8 June 2021 whilst returning to Dhaka from Rangpur. The care they used is also nowhere to be found. The state forces of the government are responsible for ensuring the safety of every citizen of the state. Abu Tawha and his associates have been missing for the past nine days, but no actions has been taken by law enforcement agencies to secure their whereabouts. Article 32 of the Constitution of Bangladesh provides for the right to life and liberty;Article 31 – Right to Protection of Law;Article 28 – Non-discrimination on the ground of religion, and others;and Article 27 – Equality before the law whereit is the duty of the state to treat everyone equally. Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) urges to inform the public regarding the steps that has been taken by the law enforcement agencies to find Abu Tawha and the progress that has been made in this regard. At the same time, ASK strongly demands to expedite the search for him and his companions, return them safely to their families and ensure a proper investigation into his disappearance.

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