Dialogue with Youth on UPR and Bangladesh in Rajshahi University

Bangladesh has quite an active and vibrant civil society with NGO platforms that proactively participate in the UPR process in supplementing the assessment of the human rights situation of the country. Seldom are youths engaged in this assessment process, which results in creating a knowledge gap among the new advocates for change not wary of the process. Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK), jointly with UPR Info, arranged a series of dialogues with youths, where the law students of the University of Rajshahi identified key progress Bangladesh made while also noting the multi-faceted challenges in implementing the UPR recommendations of the 2018 cycle, which need to be addressed in the upcoming days nearing the 4th Cycle of UPR. Considering the fact that it will be these students who will be the future leaders and advocates of change for the cycles to come, they also adopted potential roles as different stakeholders of the UPR Process during the Mock-UPR session.