ASK Investigation – Election Day Violence – Sadar Thana, Dinajpur

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Dinajpur 3On 5 January 2014, the day of the 10th parliamentary election, incidents of attack on the members of Hindu community and Awami league supporters took place in the Sadar thana of Dinajpur district. The BNP and Jamaat activists who boycotted the elections launched a series of violent attacks on those people who had casted their votes in the election.

The perpetrators had launched attack in the Kornai Government Primary School (Polling Centre) around 2pm of the day of election.

They vandalised, torched and looted business establishments of the Kornai     marketplace. 32 shops of the Hindu community and 5 shops of the Muslim    community who were known as the supporters of Awami League were damaged during the attack.

Houses and shops which belonged to the polling agents who worked for Awami League, were also vandalised.

Dnajpur 4

Attacks were also carried out on the five localities adjacent to the Kornai   marketplace which are well known as Hindu localities.

91 houses belong to Hindu and 6 houses belong to Muslims were damaged by the attack.

People ran away from their houses and took shelter on other places.

The perpetrators started their violent activities day before the election. They exploded Molotov cocktail bombs to create terror in the locality and to deter people from casting their votes.

In spite of those circumstances, people went to cast their votes but were being attacked while returning home.

[English]  ASK Investigation – Election Violence in Dinajpur Sadar


[Bengali] – ASK Fact Finding Report – Dinajpur Sadar