Violence against Rohingya Community: ASK’s expresses grave concern and urges to the Government of Bangladesh to provide shelter to the fleeing Rohingyas

Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) expresses grave concern on afresh violence against Rohingya refugees
causing deaths of around hundreds, many more wounded and displacement of thousands. The
context of clash between the Army and the Rohingya in Rakhine State of Myanmar, have contributed
to a new influx of Rohingya refugees to Bangladesh in last few days. Approximately, Thousands of
civilians, including women, children and elderly people from the Rakhine State, have assembled
close to the border fleeing from the attack as a result of army crackdown.

The Border Guard of Bangladesh (BGB) and the Coast Guard have been kept alert in the border
area with added reinforcement. According to the media report1, Bangladesh Border Guard (BGB) and
Police arrested 699 Rohingyas from Ukiya and Teknaf border and later on pushed them back to
Mayanmar. It has been further reported that 73 Rohingyas were arrested when they were entering
through Balukhai border in Ukiya. As media reports in the last few days starting from 24 August 2017
around 100 people died due to the ongoing clash and a number of Rohingyas.

Despite not ratifying the 1951 Refugee Convention Bangladesh is providing refuge to 300,000 to
500,000s Rohingyas since 1970s. More Rohingyas are fleeing from Rakhine state of Mayanmar to
escape the fresh attack by army. As media reports, thousands of people have entered into
Bangladesh and several thousand were also reportedly located along the Myanmar side of the
border. Most are women, children, or the elderly, and there have been reports of wounded people
among them. ASK expresses grave concern on such large scale crime against humanity by state and
non-state perpetrators in Rakhine state of Mayanmr.

The situation in Rakhine is still volatile and as of August 30, 2017, satellite accessed by different
rights body shows extensive fires in almost 10 areas of Rakhine state. Considering the context therein
forcing the Refugees to go back to Myanmar, would amount to compel them towards certain death.

Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) believes that if any citizen is subjected to violence or suppression due
to communal, racial, gender-based or linguistic reasons by the State or any section of the State and
is forced to leave his own country due to the insecurity for saving his life; then it is the moral
responsibility of every other State to stand beside that person. ASK urges the government to adopt a
humanitarian approach following the principle of non-refoulement and accommodate the Rohingya
Community on humanitarian ground. ASK also urges Bangladesh government to play influencing role
in mobilizing international community so that they put adequate pressure upon Mayanmar
government to take effective measures immediately to protect Rohingya community from such
crimes against humanity. The government along with international community should be engaged
with meaningful negotiations with Mayanmar Government so that Rohingyas can resettle and lead
threat free and dignified life therein.