Allegation of Death Caused by Beating a Person in Police Station: ASK’s Concern and Demand to Ensure Justice

Hamidur Rahman (55) was injured after being beaten in a police station in thePotnitola district, Naogaon, after a meeting was called at the police station inorder to resolve a family issue. Two days after the incident when Hamidur startedvomiting blood, his family took him to Rajshahi Medical College Hospital whereHamidur breathed his last breath. Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) expresses deepconcern about this incident and demands the relevant authorities to conduct afair investigation and ensure that proper justice is delivered.

According to the media reports, around 17-18 days back, there was a conflictbetween Hamidur Rahman and his wife Faima Khatun. Due to this HamidurRahman verbally divorced his wife, which led their two sons to give Hamidur abeating. On the 17 April, Hamidur submitted a written complaint regarding thisincident. The police then called both parties to the police station to settle thematter, where Hamidur promised to accept his wife. On the 25 April, when FaimaKhatun complained to the police station that her husband had not yet acceptedher, Sub-Inspector (SI) Ashraful Islam picked up Hamidur from his home andbrought him to the station for settling the matter through a compromise. Hisfamily alleges that during the settlement, the officer-in-charge (OC), ShamsulAlam Shah, kicked and punched Hamidur which led to Hamidur sustaining seriousinjuries. After that incident, Hamidur had suffered injuries to his head and chestand was receiving treatment at his own home. On the 27 April, after he hadstarted to vomit blood, he was taken to the district’s medical facility. When therewas no improvement in his condition, he was then taken to Rajshahi MedicalCollege Hospital at 11pmwhere a doctor in the emergency department declaredHamidur dead.

The police have denied the claims made by Hamidur’s family that he died as aresult of the torture inflicted on him by the police. ASK expresses deep concernsregarding this incident. At the same time, ASK demands to conduct a fairinvestigation into the death of Hamidur Rahman and ensure the safety of hisfamily.

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