ASK Investigation – Election Day Violence – Abhaynagar, Jessore

See Full Fact Finding Report in [English] and [Bengali] Below

On 5 January 2014, the day of 10th parliamentary election, Hindu people of Malopara located in ChapatolaJessore village of Abhaynagar thana, Jessore were attacked by the BNP-Jamaat cadres. The attackers vandalised, looted and torched houses and business establishments in Malopara during the election and also after the election. Local people from Hindu community stood up and tried to prevent the attack. Due to their resistance, attackers had retreated initially. However, later they grouped together with local arms like ramda, hockey sticks, iron rod and carried on brutal attack once again.

The attackers spread a rumoJessore 2ur that Hindus had killed two jamaat activists and in retaliation hundreds of people joined with the perpetrators to attack the Hindu people.  In order to secure their life, most of the women and children of 98 families of the village took refuge in neighbouring village called Deyapara on the other side of the river Bhairab which is adjacent to their village. The panicked and horrified villagers managed boats and trawlers hurriedly to cross the river for a safe place. Some villagers even crossed the river by swimming. Others fled away here and there to save their life. The attackers had beaten the villagers whoever they found in front of them. See Full Report Below.

[English]  ASK Investigation- Election day violence in Jessore

[ Bengali ]  Investigation Report- Jessore