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ASK’s Intervention- Trafficking and Selling of a Young Girl to a Brothel of India: 4 Persons given Life Imprisonment in Satkhira

On 08 May 2018, Tuesday Judge Hosne Ara Akhter of Satkhira Women and Children Repression Prevention Tribunal (Nari o SishuNirjaton Daman Tribunal of Satkhira) declared the sentence of life imprisonment…

ASK’s Intervention- Murder of a Police Officer and His Wife: Domestic Worker Khadija Akter Sumi Get Acquittal

The court acquitted Domestic Worker Khadija Akter Sumi (16) in the case of killing Mahfuzur Rahman, Inspector of Special Branch (Political Section) of the Police and his wife Swapna Rahman….

ASK’s Intervention: Man Gets Life Imprisonment for Raping his Own Daughter

ASK’s Intervention: Man Gets Life Imprisonment for Raping his Own Daughter

In Jamalpur District, a man has been sentenced with imprisonment for life for brutally raping and impregnating his own adolescent daughter. Salma (not her real name) aged about 12 years…

ASK’s Intervention-Statement of Sonia: a domestic worker rescued from Saudi Arabia

Sonia Akter (not her real name), mother of two children, left for Saudi Arabia from Dohar, Dhaka despite all the forewarnings of her uncle residing there to escape from poverty….

ASK’s intervention-Statement of Majeda Begum: Victim of Human Trafficking Rescued from Saudi Arabia

Majeda Begum (not her real name), mother of three children who used to live with her children and husband in Bhola, Bangladesh left for Saudi Arabia with a dream of…

ASK’s intervention- Statement of Fatema Begum: a Bangladeshi girl rescued from Saudi Arabia

Fatema Begum (20), left for Saudi Arabia for better income and a secure future on 17 July, 2017. She left Jessore in 2013 to take the responsibiity of her family….


Violence against Rohingya Community: ASK’s expresses grave concern and urges to the Government of Bangladesh to provide shelter to the fleeing Rohingyas

Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) expresses grave concern on afresh violence against Rohingya refugees causing deaths of around hundreds, many more wounded and displacement of thousands. The context of clash…

ASK’s statement on the International day of the Disappeared

ASK’s statement on the International day of the Disappeared

On the observation of International Day of the Disappeared Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) is expressing its grave concern about the increasing rate of incidents of enforced disappearances over years….



[Dhaka, 28 May 2017] The Human Rights Forum of Bangladesh (HRFB) condemns the action taken by the police to arrest four persons in Dhaka on charges among others, attempted murder,…

Case study – Statement of a Bangladeshi Trafficked Girl Rescued from Malaysia

‘I was raped more than 20 times in three days, they even could have killed me, today I am back to my country alive, I feel like it is my…